Steve's Folk Radio Show -
About Us
Steve's Folk is part of the WCSB family.  We are a completely donation-supported and volunteer-run station.  The payoff is that no sponsors can "suggest" a format, since the only sponsor is you.  And we already give you want you want anyway, which is random rants and, most importantly, a curiously enjoyable mix of old, new, acoustic, amplified, folk, almost-sounds-like-folk, doesn't-sound-like-folk-at-all-but-I-like-it, and thus.
Music history is a big part of the program. Which is good, since we still can't remember what Bruce played at the Agora ecen though we have the ticket stub.
Steve's Folk Radio Show has broadcast continuously since November 2001, although we do take naps and snack breaks occasionally.  We archive all our shows and all shows are available on one-hour CDs, two CDs per show. 
Call us on Saturday morning between 9 and 11 to rant, rave and/or request a song. The direct line to Main Air is 216.687.3515.  We're waiting breathlessy for your call. 
We still play a lot of vinyl along with that new-fangled stuff.  In 2008, we moved to new studios formerly occupied by the local NPR affiliate, completely remodeled by our Chief Engineer.  So we're on fiber-optic now instead of tin can and string.  We recently added show archiving at  Check it out.
When we're not hanging around the station making a nuisance of ourselves, we like to check out the local Cleveland music scene, which is alive and well, although in many cases well-hidden.
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