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Backstage at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies:
Donovan, Lalena, and and me
Donovan, Lalena, and and me
Derek Trucks and Joe Bonnamassa
Derek Trucks and Joe Bonnamassa
Talkin' 6 string smack
Lynne and John Mellencamp
Lynne and John Mellencamp
Where's the cigarette machine?
Donovan and Linda
Donovan and Linda
It's been a Long Time Comin'
Dusty Hill of ZZ Top
Dusty Hill of ZZ Top
Practicing his speech
Ronnie Wood and Lynne
Ronnie Wood and Lynne
Here's the party!

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As we enjoy the beautiful summer of 2017 we'll continue to celebrate the Summer of Love, 50 years ago this year. We celebrate with music and stories from that fabled slice of our past, when the youth of America first flexed its collective muscles and began to reshape the political, social, educational and economic future, a future that we are now living in.

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"It's folk-y, with a rockin' beat."
Check out my interview with Doug MacLeod, who has been nominated by the Blues Foundation for Acoustic Player of the Year and Acoustic Album of the Year ONCE AGAIN!: 
Doug Macleod in the Studio 13March2012
Part 1
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Doug MacLeod in the Studio 13Mar2012
Part 2
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Steve's Folk features lyric-intensive genre-bending rockin folk-y music with a message or two. From Greenwich Village 1960, through yesterday: voices of love, protest, anger, kindness, and need. Obscure covers, requests, and songs you haven’t heard since you cut your hair and got a job. New stuff too. Lots of background music info and a little topical commentary. Two hours of Peace, Love and Understanding.

If you like your folk-y music served to you with a rockin' beat on Saturday mornings, come and set a spell.

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Steve Traina/On-Air Personality-Lynne Vyhnalek/Producer

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